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Why Clean Beauty

Let’s talk about Clean Beauty!

The Clean Beauty trend has been taking the world by storm but it is still a relatively new concept. There is still no exact definition or standard for this term “Clean Beauty”, so it’s all left up to each company’s individual definition of the term.

We define Clean Beauty as products that are made from real, non-synthetic ingredients that are non-toxic and free from harmful effects. They are as well sustainable, safe for the planet, cruelty-free and have transparent formulations where every single ingredient has a purpose to benefit the skin.

What to look for when buying Clean Beauty products?

  • Look for simply clean products, with a short list of ingredients that you know and can understand.
  • Choose companies that prioritize ethical production of their products, and are invested in the actual product like smaller companies and local producers.
  • Buy products that are created by companies with transparent practices.
  • Upgrade your thinking and action around your beauty products.

360 Wellness...

As consumers become more aware of products that may be toxic or harmful to their health, clean skincare products aim to offer reassurance that they don’t use these potentially harmful ingredients.

Conscious consumers are seeking sustainable beauty products that promote a sense of wellbeing while also upholding their ethical and environmental values. The growth of clean beauty also echoes the growth in clean eating or veganism, as consumers want to align all aspects of their lifestyle. An overall balanced lifestyle or as they say “360 wellness”.

Clean Beauty

With these in mind, Cedros Bay hopes to be a driving force in the clean, green and sustainable manufacturing realm by educating consumers on how to read ingredient statements and to know what are the right ingredients that are sustainable and non-harmful to their skin.

We only use Vegan and Cruelty-Free ingredients and recyclable packaging to minimize our carbon footprint. Cedros Bay works with coconut farms in the Caribbean to source sustainable ingredients especially coconut oil and coconut chips and ensure these farms engage in ethical practices.