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Farm to Skin Beauty

Cedros Bay is an All Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free Skin Care line made from 100% Organic Coconut Oil from the Caribbean. We work closely with our parent company – a coconut farm in Cedros, Trinidad and Tobago (twin islands in the Caribbean) to ensure we are fully transparent and sustainable – true FARM to SKIN Beauty!

We are all about Clean Caribbean Beauty and sharing the secret of being a Glowing Caribbean God/Goddess with the world.

Coconut Based Living

A healthy lifestyle starts with the coconut. It’s superfood wonders stem from its versatility; from use in our daily cuisine to your beauty skin care regimen. Coconut Oil is packed with lauric acids and essential nutrients that act as a source of energy, hydration and immune support.

Cedros Bay skin care products help prevent dry and irritated skin with its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties to improve skin tone and overall health.

Natural and Vegan Ingredients

The introduction of Cosmetics products over the last century has led to changes in the skin’s natural microbiome that damage its defense systems, leading to large increase in skin allergies especially dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. This skin allergy epidemic is one of the key reasons as to why the Cedros Bay line was developed.

Cedros Bay does not contain synthetic preservatives, silicones, parabens, sulfates nor phthalates which are not natural and don’t provide any sort of true benefit to your overall skin health, however unfortunately these are found in most beauty products.

Environmental Impact

Cedros Bay even uses waste by-products from coconut farms that make coconut milk, one such item is coconut meal or chips. Our Packaging represents the Caribbean with fun and colourful palm leaf prints on sustainable jars and lids that are 100% recyclable. 

We do not believe is using excess packaging such as labels and secondary boxes. We also prefer to use as many ingredients as possible that can be sourced in the Caribbean to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

Sustainable Beauty

We collaborate with local recycling institutions such as SWMCOL and iCARE, as well as focus on educating our customers on how to recycle our products through our social media platforms and events.

We greatly appreciate your support for Cedros Bay, as we believe it is truly a great skin care line that can grow to be a global brand which in turn promotes the high-quality products that the Caribbean can offer.

We hope to champion clean and sustainable beauty using recyclable packaging and effective Caribbean ingredients – our star ingredient of course being Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.